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PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-12(2)


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Beautiful girl Hailey shows glossy pantyhose on her legs. Yoga master Marina plays outdoors with black tights. Gorgeous Alena shows shiny hose without panties. THE COMPLETE MAGAZINE: 📸640 photos + 🎥2:57 Backstage Video of girls wearing pantyhose and showing what's under their...

✅ 640 photos in hi-resolution (7000 px)
✅ Video 2h 57m (backstage)
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Barbie girl.

With beauty, blonde locks, and blue eyes, Hailey certainly fits the bill as a Barbie doll, but it’s her peachy pins paired with sheer Wolford pantyhose that really wins the portrayal in this photo shoot. The satin-touch tights have a light luster and subtle yellow tone, which endows her legs with the plastic complexion of a manufactured doll. Against our cool-blue set, the pink hues around Hailey’s body appear in a dreamy and feminine contrast. You’ll be pleased to watch her truly enjoy herself in this fantasy, displaying her body’s plasticity with an array of elegant poses.

Green dream.

A charismatic woman like Marina, who has a strong sense of self and naturally bright energy, is the perfect model to take on bold colors. In our outdoor shoot, the late-summer sun and overhead trees entangle in a dance to create an enchanting golden-green backdrop, which Marina counters with her own botanical green dress and matching hair ribbon. This session features a pair of seamless black nylons sheer enough to show off her black lace panties. Later she changes into nude knickers so you can enjoy the full beauty of these control-top pantyhose.

Night-time entertainment.

This indoor set is dark but full of character, boasting a richly painted wall of landscape tones, wooden wainscot paneling, and antique-style furniture, which altogether imparts the atmosphere of an old-school member’s club, ready for whiskey and raucous antics. Right on cue, we have the exotic Alice dressed as a cocktail waitress in a black lace body, paired with a teasingly short skirt, lace cat ears and the sheerest of glossy greige hose. She ensures your entertainment with poses that accentuate her full bust and round buttocks, and even showcases her perfectly manicured feet.
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PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-12(2)

PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-12(2)