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PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-07(2)


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19 year old Kate posing in sheer glossy CdR pantyhose. Runway model Marina shows legs in tights. Nude Yana posing in pantyhose without panties. THE COMPLETE MAGAZINE: 📸622 photos + 🎥3:34 Backstage Video of girls wearing pantyhose and showing what's under their...
Digital Magazine on Women in Pantyhose

IN THIS ISSUE Beautiful girls posing in luxury pantyhose

🎥 3hour 32 min. Backstage Video included.

  • MARINA'S ENCORE: 221 photos + 1 hour video
    For her final encore, veteran model Marina shows us her version of femininity by revealing her natural self. Posing firstly in high-coverage lingerie and high-top sneakers, she comes across comfortable, unpretentious, and uncompromising. We capture her pride in her toned physique, including beautiful lines of definition in her abs and calves. She further challenges traditional ideals of sexiness by wearing a long-sleeved green dress and a practical pair of nude nylons with matte finishing. By letting her guard down, Marina shows us some truly candid moments.
  • SENSATIONAL KATE: 224 photos + 1 hour 9-minute video
    Shot amongst the ramshackle ruins of an abandoned building, fun-loving Kate brings the place to life with her cute but powerful energy. The peeling blue walls and rusted metalwork create a juxtaposition with Kate’s youthful, flawless body. Emphasizing her many perfect features, she wears a black mesh top, tight orange miniskirt, and nude pantyhose with a visible seam and gusset that circles her delicate lady parts. We get up close and personal for some sensational shots that truly titillate. Even in the shabbiest of surroundings, Kate remains a true pin-up.
  • YANA CELEBRATING THE GREAT OUTDOORS: 177 photos + 1 hour 24-minute video
    In recent times, we’ve all been yearning more and more for the great outdoors, and what more magnificent a sight to see than young Yana in a vast green field, frolicking in nothing but ultra-glossy stockings? This photo session, shot on a bright sunny day in the fresh open air, embodies a celebratory post-lockdown spirit. In true Yana style, she brings the kitsch fun with her flower crown, a plunging red swimsuit and even an inflatable green air mattress. This spectacle of a session is one to lift your spirits.


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Women in pantyhose are the most beautiful, and this magazine has the best models, Anatoly is the Man....

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PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-07(2)

PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-07(2)