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PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-03(1)


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Russian teen girl Yana posing in classy nude pantyhose. Cute girl Kessy showing legs in matte sheer tights. Runway model Milana plays with white opaque nylons. THE COMPLETE MAGAZINE: 📸629 photos + 🎥3:18:00 Backstage Video of girls wearing pantyhose and showing what's under their...
Digital Magazine on Women in Pantyhose

IN THIS ISSUE Beautiful girls posing in luxury pantyhose
  • YANA'S GLOSSY LEGS - 234 photos +1 hour 8 minute VIDEO
    Two pairs of pantyhose for the price of one.

    Regular Pro-Kolgotki readers will be pleasantly surprised to see Yana against a studio backdrop rather than a home set-up. As with previous photo sessions, the fascinating beauty continues to unveil small pieces of her complex identity. In this shoot she appears polished and powerful, dressed in a white bejewelled bustier and glossy black skirt. She first gets playful with a pair of spotty Wolfords and then becomes seductive in a darker shade of nylons. Nothing beats the sexy confidence of a young woman who commands a strong feminine energy.
  • MILANA’S OPAQUE NYLONS - 192 photos +48 minute VIDEO
    Fresh-faced model in baby pink and white makes for a luscious milky dream.
    Milana struts onto set with her high-fashion vibes, cloaked in a patent puffer jacket and pretty pink dress. She’s not your typical Pro-Kolgotki model, but that just makes her more fun to unravel. For her second photoshoot with us, she slides her long legs into an opaque pair of milky-white tights, which gives her the innocence of a teen messing around in her bedroom. Her slow and playful striptease towards the end is not to be missed.
  • KESSI’S CONTROL TOP CLASSICS - 203 photos +1 hour 20 min VIDEO
    Dignified neutrals and nudes.

    Kessi flaunts a face of aristocracy — pale skin, pigmented lips, and the lively eyes of a lioness. A Pro-Kolgotki veteran, she uses neutral tones as an artistic backdrop to her nature-inspired tattoos, and poses sensually in regal ivory lingerie, a stone trench dress, and nude tights that give her a doll’s perfection. With her backside in the camera, she flashes the gusset of her pantyhose and gives you a thrill by standing over the lens for close-ups.
🎥2:40:30 Backstage Video 


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PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-03(1)

PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-03(1)