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PANTYHOSE of TIFFANY 2017-07(1) - CdR Eterno 15


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The glossy black CdR Eternal 15 pantyhose worn by TIFFANY during the session
for pro-kolgotki
2017-06(2) magazine.

! note "scent ++"
the girl was really tired after a long day and the session, so the scent in the feet area is above the regular level.
The item is recommended for hardcore buyers only.

Eterno 15 den pantyhose
color: 09 negro
size: 3 (M)
brand: Cecilia De Rafael

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PANTYHOSE of TIFFANY 2017-07(1) - CdR Eterno 15

PANTYHOSE of TIFFANY 2017-07(1) - CdR Eterno 15