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NylonLady Olga - SET 1 - PT.1


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BECAUSE WE LOVE UPSKIRTS😃 The Real Siberian girl Olga posing in red dress and sheer seamed glossy pantyhose, showing her beautiful long legs with a slight glimpse under her skirt. THE FULL SET: 📸107 photos in 4600px with link to Google Drive
Real Siberian girl Olga posing in red dress and sheer seamed glossy pantyhose.
Photo by Vlad Gorshkov, Krasnoyarsk.
⭐️ 107 photos in hi-resolution (4600 px)
⭐️ PDF copy for mobile
🆕 link to GOOGLE DRIVE

Vladislav (Vlad) Gorshkov
The 35 year old photographer from Krasnoyarsk, Russia
(yeah, that's almost the very center of Siberia, bro).
Creating photographs of women in pantyhose since 2010. Vlad knows how to depict the sensuality and femininity of a lady, and works with the finest world class hosiery.
His models are real Siberian girls, office clerks, grocery assistants, you know "girls next door", not professional models. His works are natural, sensual and conveying real stories of real women living in the heart of Siberia.
Support these real girls and Vlad today - buy their photoset, so they will have a chance to create more beauty for you.

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NylonLady Olga - SET 1 - PT.1

NylonLady Olga - SET 1 - PT.1