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Hailey Blue Tights Kiss Cut Sticker 3"x4" (6.7x9.2 cm)


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3x4 inch
1 Pack

Hi-Quality vinyl kiss cut sticker with artwork.
Multi-purpose sticky backing allows the weather resistant sticker to be placed on anything and then easily removed and restuck anywhere.

Sheet size: 3x4" (76x102 mm)

Actual sticker size 2.6"x3.3" (66x84 mm)

Each sticker has have a 1/8" (3mm) white border.

Matte finish
Weather resistant- will work as bumper or window sticker
Multi-purpose sticky backing can be removed and restuck.


6mil premium vinyl film
laminated to a 90# tight release digital liner

Artwork by Anatoly Borodin (
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Hailey Blue Tights Kiss Cut Sticker 3"x4" (6.7x9.2 cm)

Hailey Blue Tights Kiss Cut Sticker 3"x4" (6.7x9.2 cm)