Pantyhose of Veronika from 12-2016(1)

Pantyhose of Veronika from 12-2016(1)

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! This exclusive Falke Pure Matt 50 pantyhose in fuchsia color has been directly received from FALKE factory - for in-market tests.
We have never shown this to public, the pantyhose was stored in our wardrobe since 2010 till today.

This 'fuchsia' color has never been placed in mass production of FALKE.

This is absolutely unique item!

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pantyhose worn by Veronika during the session for pro-kolgotki 12-2016(1) magazine.

Pure Matt 50 pantyhose

color: fuchsia (exclusive color! never been placed for mass production!)
brand: FALKE

Packed in safe plain white envelope.

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