PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-04(2)


急げ! 販売終了

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Russian models Milana, Disha and Yana wearing pantyhose and showing what's under her red skirt. Runway model Milana wears cosmic tights. Amateur girl Yana show legs in red pantyhose. THE COMPLETE MAGAZINE: 📸656 photos + 🎥3:30:00 Backstage Video of girls wearing pantyhose and showing what's under their...
Digital Magazine on Women in Pantyhose

IN THIS ISSUE Beautiful girls posing in luxury pantyhose
    • A CINDERELLA STORY - 222 photos +1 hour VIDEO
      Seven long years ago, we sourced these high-shine fashion tights in London and had since been seeking the right pair of pins to do them justice. To our delight, we finally got our Cinderella moment when catwalk model Milana tried them on and her Barbie-doll stalks became instantly more womanly, more sexy. The pantyhose appear powder blue in some shots, pearly white in others, and everything in between. This photo session pays homage to the pursuit of matching person to pantyhose and the thrill of getting it right.
    • A MATURING MERLOT - 215 photos +1 hour 12 minute VIDEO
      Yana displays the domestic depth in her character as she poses modestly against a cozy kitchen backdrop. But the fire in her soul eventually bubbles over as she gets into lustful poses on the countertop and across the floor. This is a teenage girl maturing into a woman—naturally and beautifully. She wears matte tights in a sheer ruby shade, evoking a young wine in transition, and pairs them with a pretty white top and shoes. She may be a small-town girl but her complexity is beguiling.
    • A NUDE IN NUDES - 219 photos +1 hour 35 min VIDEO
      Disha is a 19-year-old nude art model with long limbs and a penchant for posing. So we put her in a sexy black outfit with a bit of pomp: a floral lace crop top and midi-length full skirt with a teasing polkadot layer. The finishing touch is a pair of nude pantyhose that offer a flawless, airbrushed look and a sheen to match her glossy curls. The shoot marries fantastic color contrast with a dose of drama and sassiness, and centers on the theme of peekaboo moments.
🎥3:30:00 Backstage Video



PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-04(2)

PRO-KOLGOTKI 2020-04(2)