Project Essence: the talented fitness instructor who gathers funds on openinng a fitness studio in Moscow.

Project Vision: Viktoria promotes healthy lifestyle and achieving great fit through sports dance. She works with children to help them develop good physical form.

Developed & published by Valéria Ko. In 2017 she has graduated from Russian State University of Sports & Physical Culture, Major Physical Culture, Department of Dance Sports Methodologies.
By purchasing simple items with Viktoria's photographs you're helping achieve her goal of opening a fitness studio.


The Women in Pantyhose Art Research

Project Essence: the pin-up styled non-nude photographs of women wearing pantyhose as an entertainment solution and a tool to promote natural beauty and femininity (what we miss so much these days).

Project Vision: We believe that there’s nothing more impressive, emotional and beautiful than a woman that wears a pair of luxury pantyhose. We want this world to become a better place by exploring the timeless women’s beauty, depicting it and by sharing with the people around the world.

Developed & published by Anatoly Borodin since 2012 in the form of digital photo magazine


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