You are about to pay for a "LIFETIME" subscription.
Now there are several SERIOUS FACTS that I'd like to get your agreement on.

This is a one-time payment.
In return you get full subscription to all future publications FOREVER.

Please bear in mind the following risk factors:

1/ Unexpected Events and Force Majeure.
I am Anatoly Borodin, 38 years old, being in clear mind and good standing, promise to bring you every new magazine issue for as long as I'm alive, and as long as I'm mentally and physically capable of doing so.
However, this offer will not be valid if any unexpected life events occur, like illness, accidents, events in life that I have no power to control, for example tornadoes and hurricanes that will make me unable to bring you the magazines.

2/ Life Expectancy Limit.
I'm now 38 years old, and average life expectancy in Russia for men is around 60 years. I want to live long, and create new magazines for you for the next 200 years, but the human's life is not endless. Please bear in mind that "forever" means "as long as I'm alive and capable of bringing you the content".

3/ Future Legal and Business conditions change.
This might happen that PRO-KOLGOTKI with all its' copyrighted content may be sold to another owner. If a company transfer to another owner occurs I promise to transfer all the "LIFETIME" subscribers to the new owner and strictly demand that your lifetime subscription does not change at any events.
Also, it might happen that laws of different countries change and those changes may make me unable to create and/or deliver the content for you. I have no power over the future changes in laws, but will do my best to find any legal way to deliver what was promised under "lifetime subscription"

no big deal here, I was just demanded by the Legal Dept. to write this disclaimer.
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